Start project by following our tangible work process with practical results. We accompany you in the complete process of realization of your project thanks to our multidisciplinary team and our innovative products


Strategic thinking

Define the outline of your project, your business plan and your vision


Strategy Slide Deck

Product Roadmap


MVP Factory

Evaluate the viability of a new business model with a concrete application that can be tested by end users

UX/UI (User Experience/interface)

Functional prototype



Develop your scalable application to get your business on track

Robust Security development

Licences pricing

Hosting / Secure iD



Get out of the cave, make some noise and generate revenue

Marketing & Branding

Sales pitch

Continuous R&D

Phase 1

Strategic thinking

Define the key success factors of your business and revolutionize your industry by integrating innovative technologies

# Multidisciplinary team

# Legal Advice

# Slide Deck

# Consulting

Missions and objectives long term

for a new project or as part of a digital transformation, we help you integrate blockchain technology into your thinking


Choice and prioritization of medium-term objectives

Project and product roadmap

Planning of the actions of the development of the project

Define your minimum viable product (MVP)

to demonstrate the project concept

Business model

Potential sources of income and expenses

Financial projections

Simulation et extrapolation
(market opportunities)

phase 2

MVP Factory

# Low-code

# Prototype

# Testing

# UX

In the context of product design, the minimum viable product is the version of a product that achieves maximum user feedback with minimum effort.
By extension, it also refers to the strategy used to build, test and market the product.
The purpose of the minimum viable product is to evaluate the viability of a new business model.

UX (user experience)

The UX qualifies the overall experience felt by the user when using the product interface or more broadly when interacting with any device or service.

Personas definition

Define users and their characteristics in order to know how to deal with them

User stories

Define the actions and features with which your users interact


Define demo scenarios to test the operation of the MVP


Quickly draw the elements and functions that will be used when designing a user interface in order to define the areas and components it should contain.

Functional prototyping

Development with low code platforms to speed up iteration and control costs.

With this low-code approach, it will allow you to have an involvement and understanding on the development

From the wireframe -> creation of a functional prototype

Ready-to-use tech features pack

Includes all the features and screens needed to quickly create your first certificates

Designing your process

Use our workflow tool to easily design your processes with integrity

Design your application interfaces without coding

Our tools are designed to easily interface with different lowcode platforms (Mendix, Power App, Adalo…)

Integration with third party applications

Our products are all interfaceable through our APIs so you can add integrity to your existing applications

phase 3


# Development

# Licences

# Hosting

# Security

Once your MVP application has been tested with conclusive results, we support you to the large-scale development of your project with the best integrators & security partners

Security development by design

Our engineering partners are at the forefront of security. The fundamentals of your application are designed to be secure and scalable

Certus & PI licences

We define our license prices according to the field of activity and the volume of use in line with your business model


We advice you to find the best hosting solution according to your business and legal restrictions

Secured access

We pay particular attention to properly identify your users in cooperation with well-known providers

phase 4


We assist you in the implementation and continuous development of your project in order to sustain your investment over the long term

# Marketing

# Costs

# Sales

# R&D

Marketing & Branding

Define the message relative to your audience by conveying the values of your company in order to win over loyal customers

Sales pitch

Align your sales team with a unique and consistent pitch to acquire new customers

Continuous R&D

Continuously improve your product by listening to your users in order to stay ahead of your competitors and bring new benefits to your customers

Operative costs

Let’s define together the costs related to the operation of your project (infrastructure maintenance, licences, customer support, operations)