Process Intergity Workflow (PI)

Design your bockchained compliant workflow

Draw your process integrity to prove that the process has been followed

Our dedicated tool to build integrity workflow. no code plateform to create fast & easy

SICPA’s process integrity (PI) protects the integrity of any IT process by generating irrefutable proofs at each step of the secured process. Prior to changing any state, the calling system can verify its environment against the most recent proofs to make sure no irregular changes have affected the processes’ data. The state change is then triggered by authorized user following the process definition and the new state and environment is secured by a new layer of proofs. The cumulus of all the proofs guarantees the integrity of the global process.

The proofs generated by PI can be verified by any third-party guaranteeing that a process has been followed. It gives all related parties the confident that an IT service they are relying on :


follows the agreement between parties


authorized and executed by the right peoples


completed through each step 


timely executed


preventing or detecting processing errors


allowing you to prove your good faith

The process designer (PD) delivers the ability to define any process in the form of a state machine by visually drawing it on a virtual board. Any number of states and transitions can be defined, and roles are assigned to each transition to manage authorizations within the process.

Intergrate integrity to your process without reinvent your current system

At each step of the process deliver a proof of

  • The definition of the process followed
  • The unique ID of the on-going process instance
  • The state of the system for this instance before and after each transition
  • Who initiated a state transition and when

Prior to changing a state, the current system environment is verified with the most recent proof.


State change follows process definition and new system environment is secured by a new layer of proofs.


The cumulation of all the proofs guarantees the integrity of process.

Easy integration through API

with the help of our documented APIs we interface to your existing systems

From your existing system,
secure your data and processes with the integrity engine