CERTUS is a novel digital solution that enables document issuers like educational institutions, government bodies, administrations, accreditors, international organizations, sports associations, companies or notaries to secure value documents, credentials and qualifications.

It is a cost-effective next-generation security solution which sets a new standard in securing sensitive paper-based and digital documents, credentials and qualifications.

Certus strengths

Independent and universal verification

Secured by blockchain technology, verification is quick and proven for life.


Paper & digital documents

The technology is specially designed for both paper-based and digital certificates


No need to store personal data thanks to the unique proof delivered by the digital security seal

Authenticates the issuer and the protected data.
Lifelong validity of issued certificates.
Immediate access to a simple and cost-effective online service for managing secure certificates, no infrastructure required.
Enables offline verification.
Versatile solution, protects any type of data structure.


Digital Receipt – Time Stamp Technology

When a user – or a company – transmits data – or a document – to the responsible authority, the latter must guarantee that these data (as well as the date and time of the transaction in particular) will not be modified. The responsible authority must therefore generate a « digital receipt ». The KSI Blockchain time-stamping technology allows to reach this objective for transactions between the user and the responsible authority, but also for internal processes within the Administration.

La Blockchain KSI

no data are published on the blockchain only their fingerprint

CERTUS® – The seal secured by the KSI Blockchain

The CERTUS digital seal technology is an essential building block to guarantee maximum security for documents generated by the responsible authority for users and companies. CERTUS allows us to offer new generation services and to make documents tamper-proof.

The document generated with the CERTUS QR code can be printed out while retaining its security and thus its original value. Digital documents validated by certificates often lose their official value if they are printed. The CERTUS solution allows for paper printing, which is inclusive by construction.

A technology developed by SICPA

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We have experience in enabling trust. SICPA is a leading global provider of secured authentication, identification and traceability solutions and services.

SICPA has established a global partnership with Guardtime, the very first provider of a countrywide blockchain solution (KSI® blockchain).