Third-party security products

In order to ensure the entire chain of trust, we work with selected third-party products

Integrity solutions
by SwissTruth

With our products we guarantee
data & process integrity as an additional layer to complete your security environment

Guaranteed integrity


Secured identification

The front door to access a system.
The identification of the person who has the right to access the system is essential.

Secured data storage

The storage and confidentiality of your data are key to ensure a mastered security

Blockchain but not only…

Ensuring data integrity without confidentiality is not enough, that’s why we offer a complete environment of security solutions.

By the conception of its technological stack, SwissTruth guarantees integrity and secured control of your data

100% Swiss made

Security solution big picture

To ensure complete integrity we integrate our solutions into a complete security ecosystem that we can provide with the help of partners